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Nick Kohan
26 June 2017
Once again, Nissan has issued a recall. This time, more than 54,000 vehicles are affected. What happ...
Boris Lavent
24 June 2017
A new report by AAA is identifying just how serious the risk of drowsy driving is to anyone who happ...
Robert Greenstein
24 June 2017
Car accidents happen when we least expect them and in ways many of us can’t even imagine. Recently, ...
Gary Greenberg
23 June 2017
A father is seeking a wrongful death lawsuit on behalf of his son, who died in the Franklin County D...

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  • A new report by AAA is identifying just how serious the risk of drowsy driving is to anyone who happens to be on the road. A record-breaking one out of five accidents involves a fatigued driver, making it second only to drunk driving and texting for frequency. Drowsy Driving a Significant Risk Technically a type of distracted driving, driving a vehicle while sleepy dulls the senses and prevents you from reacting in a timely fashion. As a result, you can fail to respond and unwittingly cause or worsen the risk of serious and even fatal collisions. Drivers don’t even need to miss that much sleep in order to have a problem. Losing just one to two hours, something we all miss from time to time, is more than enough to weaken your reflexes and reduce your focus. That means that not only could drowsy drivers be endangering others after a bad s......
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